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The social media app makes sharing a snap

By Geri L. Dreiling

I am an information enthusiast. I follow important legal decisions, law opinion blogs, public relations trends, business management updates and tech and productivity sites. I like to know about the latest news to help my clients and to run a more efficient firm.

I am also a social media content curator. I cull through the articles and posts I read and send out the  items that I think will be of interest to my followers, connections and friends on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

But there are some days when I am just not able to convert the information I’ve read into social media posts because of a time crunch. Copying links, writing short intros and hitting send takes more time than it seems at first. It is easy to spend an hour or two each day on the tasks.

Updating social media the traditional way

Buffer Streamlines Sharing

However, I recently discovered the Buffer app. It has shortened the gap between reading and sharing considerably. I’ve been using Buffer for about two weeks with one of my Twitter accounts and I am amazed at how much it has streamlined the social media sharing process. As an added bonus, Buffer provides me with useful statistics that helps pinpoint the interests of my audiences.

Buffer offers both a free and paid version. The free version is limited to one of each social media profile. In other words, one Twitter account, one LinkedIn account and one Facebook account. For my test run, I chose to connect Buffer with my @legalmediamtrs Twitter account. The paid version, known as the Awesome Plan, is $10 per month and allows users to connect up to 12 social media profiles in any combination. There is no contract and users can cancel at anytime.  (See Buffer FAQ.)

Updating social media with Buffer

Social Media Schedules and Stats

I downloaded the desktop app onto my Google Chrome browser. I also added the mobile app to my Samsung Galaxy SIII and my iPad 2.

Once you have configured your social media account with the Buffer App, it is important to open up the Schedule tab to set the correct time zone for the app and prepare a schedule for your posts. (Click the screenshots to enlarge.)

Now you’re ready to post. When I’m reading items online from my laptop, I simple click on the Buffer App in the toolbar to add it to the stream of scheduled tweets.

Buffer Screen 3

If you want to schedule a post using text on the page, rather than the headline, you can also highlight the desired text and it will appear as quoted text in the post.

As you come across items throughout the day, whether on your desktop, smartphone or tablet, you can add them to the Buffer stream.

You can also review the Analytics to find out what is resonating with your audience. When I opened my Analytics page recently, I learned which tweets had generated the most interest. By far, a tweet about whether to work for free was wildly popular in terms of generating clicks even though it didn’t receive a lot of retweets.

If your legal marketing strategy includes social media outreach, I recommend giving the Buffer App a try. It will not only streamline the process of sharing and posting, it will help you determine what resonates with your audience.