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Information for Lawyers, Ideas for Journalists: Week of May 28

Here’s our weekly roundup of PR client news, along with links to stories on a variety of topics, including writing for the Internet, social media tips, legal PR insights, practice management and new legal decisions and trends.

Recommended Reading: 10 Notable Links

I spend a lot of time – probably too much – online, reading the latest news articles, blog posts and magazine stories that touch on the law, writing, technology and business management. I often tweet links to my Twitter followers. I also e-mail helpful or interesting nuggets to clients and friends.I’ve decided to take that practice a step further and offer a link-roundup segment.

Legal PR: Do You Make the Most of Your Successes?

Whether you try cases or play major league baseball, there are going to be days when you strike out.The trick is to come out ahead more often than you wind up behind, not only on the personal win/loss chart in your head but also in the legal media spotlight.