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Legal Marketing: Take a Referral Source to Lunch

It is important to promote one’s practice to referral sources — trusted advisors whose recommendation carries great weight when it comes to the selection of an attorney or mediator. Meet for coffee or lunch as a way to introduce yourself, learn about a professional’s business and describe your practice.

Legal Public Relations: 5 Ways to Build and Maintain a Media Relationship

Perhaps one of the most envied gigs among lawyers is that of legal commentator. But moving from the wish to be viewed as a legal expert to actually getting quoted in the media is difficult. Here are five tips for building and maintaining a relationship with members of the media.

Is Your Marketing Resolve Slipping?

The new year brings with it a fresh resolve to do more in terms of legal public relations, marketing, networking or some combination of the three.The year may start off strong, but, as with most resolutions, reality throws up roadblocks. But you can get back on course. Here are seven things you can do in February to boost your visibility.