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Lawyers and social media marketing

Legal News Digest: Health Care Overhaul; Android Apps for Lawyers; Yellow Pages Debate

This week, the Supreme Court’s historic hearing on the Affordable Care Act dominated the news. The continuing controversy over the death of Trayvon Martin cast a media spotlight on the lawyers involved in the matter. In marketing news, does advertising in the Yellow Pages makes sense? For Android lawyers, apps to make your practice more productive.

Twitter tips for business

Twitter Tips for Businesses: 4 Quick-Start Twitter Tips

If search engine rankings are important to your business or law firm, don’t dismiss Twitter. Google and Bing recently revealed that links shared through Facebook and Twitter have a direct impact on search engine rankings. Here are four tips to help you quick start your tweets.

Legal Content: What Impact Does a PDF Document Have on Search Engine Optimization?

After preparing and sending out a legal press release for a law firm client, the law firm client wanted to know how to present the information on the firm’s website. Should it be uploaded as a PDF document, which would provide a great visual impact because of the letterhead, or would it be better to take the information and post it directly as a blog entry?