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The periodic table of SEO

Law Firm Website SEO: An Infographic

“How do I get my law firm’s website to show up on the first page of Google results?” This is the question often asked by clients who hire Legal Media Matters to create a law firm website or write content for their firm. This week, The Search Engine Land published an excellent infographic that explains search engine optimization visually.

What’s the Difference Between a Law Firm Blog and a Website?

A lawyer sent me an e-mail asking me to explain the difference between a blog and a website. As methods of communicating information by way of the Internet evolve, differentiating between a website and a blog is sometimes difficult. Here are some of the traditional distinctions between the two.

A Reader Asks: How Do You Find the Best Legal Keywords to Attract CEOs and CFOs?

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I invited my Twitter followers to pose a question that I would take up on this blog. One lawyer sent a direct message wanting to know the best keywords to attract chief executive officers and chief financial officers who want to learn more about what their in-house lawyers can do for them.

Editing Web Content for Law Firms

I wish that the first draft of everything I wrote were perfect. As someone who is paid to write, it would certainly make my job faster and easier. But even the writers of Sex and the City gave Carrie Bradshaw an editor. Here are seven tips to help you edit and improve your law firm’s website copy.