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Recommended Reading: 10 Notable Links

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recommended readingA roundup of compelling and informative articles

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

Well-written, insightful and timely information is available on the Internet. The challenge is sifting through virtual mounds of material to find it.

I spend a lot of time – probably too much – online, reading the latest news articles, blog posts and magazine stories that touch on the law, writing, technology and business management. I often tweet links to my Twitter followers. (Visit @legalmediamtrs and check out our custom-designed Twitter background!) I also e-mail helpful or interesting nuggets to clients and friends.

I’ve decided to take that practice a step further and offer a link-roundup segment. Every Friday, I’ll highlight interesting and helpful items I’ve come across during the week.

The mix of links is eclectic.

Professionals of all types are increasingly being called upon to master, or at least appreciate, the art of communication. It is no longer enough for lawyers, mediators, accountants and doctors in private practice to simply be experts within their disciplines. Websites, public relations outreach and social media are all components of the modern communication toolbox. Using them effectively is an important part of building a practice.

Some of the items on the list will focus on writing. I’ll also highlight social media, PR, practice management and new legal decisions or trends. My client base includes firms in both the United States and abroad, so we’re interested in information from across the globe.

With that windy intro aside, here’s my recommended reading list for May 7:

A Career in Law: Defining Success on Your Own Terms

On Slaw, an award-winning Canadian blawg, Nicole Garton-Jones lists the reasons that she became a lawyer and recounts how she found herself practicing at a firm that was a mismatch. She offers five tips for creating a personally rewarding career path.

Best Practice: News Rooms on Websites — Generating Media Attention and Interviews

Law office management guru John W. Olmstead notes that many a law firm website falls short because it doesn’t offer a newsroom. At the Illinois State Bar Association’s Illinois L@wyer, Olmstead reminds attorneys that the website audience not only includes fellow lawyers and prospective clients but also members of the media.

Social Media Release Must Evolve to Replace Press Release

If your firm’s website already has a newsroom and the firm is familiar with press releases, this post at Mediashift by Ian Capstick will take you to the next level. Social media releases, which are really single pages of Web content, not only contain some of the traditional press release components but also often include embedded links to YouTube videos and SlideShare presentations.

Making a Place for Yourself in the Blogosphere

Writing for TechNewsWorld, Brian R. Hook interviews experts who offer advice on how to get started, how to develop a blogging strategy and the importance of identifying your target audience.

Learning About Everything Under the ‘Cloud’

Wall Street Journal columnist Walter S. Mossberg offers a clear, concise explanation of cloud computing and holds the jargon.

5 Simple Tools for a Paperless Office

An online contract-signing service, fax-to-e-mail services and online backup and recordkeeping are just a few of the tools highlighted in this article from Mashable and American Express OPEN Forum, written by Matt Silverman.

Why My Human Document Reviewer Is Better Than Your Algorithm

Looking for ways to control ballooning eDiscovery costs? In this Association for Corporate Counsel article, Richard Russeth and Susan Burns discuss how overreliance on document search technology may lead to higher costs and lower quality.

Apple and Adobe Infographics

Speculation continues to swirl that that the standoff between Adobe and Apple over Flash will result in litigation. Enrique Serrano, LMM’s designer and programmer, has put together an infographic for Treble Click that contains detailed information about the companies and the technical details of the conflict.

Job of the Week

Director of legal services, Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law

AP Stylebook Ask the Editor Question of the Week

When I’m not consulting LMM copy editor Kerry Bailey for answers to my AP style questions, I read the AP Stylebook’s Ask the Editor questions online.

This week the editor notes that the words “metropolitan” and “metro” should be lowercased when it’s used to describe a geographic region— for example, the St. Louis metro area. When either term is part of a proper name, as in the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District, capitalize it.

A Service of Note

When I prepare verdict and settlement reports for my law firm clients, I submit the write-ups to a number of publications, including The Civil Litigator. An online database serving the legal community in the Midwest, The Civil Litigator provides coverage of civil cases throughout Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. For more information about subscribing, email

Beth Lewandowski, The Civil Litigator’s editor, is also a St. Louis family law attorney. Her firm, Law Office of Marta J. Papa, is a Legal Media Matters client.

Have any links to suggest? Feel free to give them a mention in our comments section. And if you have any recommendations for next week, feel free to e-mail them to me.

Have a great weekend!

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