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Legal News Roundup

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A brief review of notable news and law firm marketing tips

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

It’s the time of year for awards. The People’s Choice Awards were just handed out. The Academy Award nominees are about to be named. And the 2011 Missouri Lawyers Awards, honoring Missouri legal professionals and law firms for their work in 2010, were recently revealed.

Special congratulations go to all of the Legal Media Matters clients who were among the honorees. Missouri Lawyers Weekly will present the awards at a Jan. 28 event in St. Louis.

In other news, Legal Media Matters is preparing to launch its Law & Gadget blog, providing technology, book and gadget reviews for busy lawyers. The blog will be available in both English and Spanish versions for lawyers and abogados. Stay tuned for more information.

Now, a quick roundup of noteworthy items you may have missed.

How to Write Tweets That Reach a Broad Audience

What can you possibly do with the 140-character limit of a single tweet? In this post, we provide a step-by-step guide to making the most of that limited space.

New Data: Post to Your Facebook Page Every Other Day for the Most Likes

Social media scientist Dan Zarrella tackles the question: “How often should I post to my Facebook page?” For those whose goal is to gather “likes,” Zarrella has crunched the numbers and found that posting every other day had the best rate of success. Posting once or twice a day was second best; anything over three times a day tended to be least “liked.”

Delete Me: Can Acrobat PDF Redaction Be Trusted?

As Mark Niemann-Ross notes in this article, published in this month’s Oregon State Bar Bulletin, when the Chicago Tribune published former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s subpoena to President Barack Obama, it included not only the “official” subpoena but also all of the edits, because the PDF document had not been redacted. This article explains why Acrobat’s PDF redaction works.

Is 2011 the year in which you keep your resolution to publish regularly to your blawg?

Legal blogs are a good way to keep potential clients informed, rack up inbound links to your website, showcase your expertise and provide practice-related content to search engines.

For many busy practitioners, though, blawgs are also hard to maintain, another legal marketing to-do item that never quite seems to get done.

If your New Year’s resolution included posting more regularly to your blog but you’re finding that you need some help, contact Legal Media Matters. We create blawg editorial calendars and draft blog content for lawyers with blogs on a variety of platforms, including WordPress, Findlaw and Justia. Our blawg content writers are experienced lawyer/journalists who understand the law and know how to write for a broad audience.

If you need assistance in coming up with a blog topic strategy, someone to draft blog entries to intersperse with your own posts or a comprehensive solution that allows you to make the most of your blawg’s legal marketing potential, contact Legal Media Matters to discuss our high-quality content and affordable rates.

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