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Verdicts as Legal PR

lawyer-media-interviewLaw firm marketing plan may include press releases to announce favorable verdicts

 When a prosecutor secures a conviction, a state attorney general wins a jury award in a consumer class action case or a Justice Department lawyer successfully argues that the court should impose a heavy fine on an environmental polluter, a legal public relations specialist typically prepares and circulates a press release.

News of favorable rulings and sizable verdicts is also important for private attorneys and their clients. At Legal Media Matters, we understand that law firm marketing plans often include publicity of verdict results. Our legal PR specialists can craft a timely, clear, accurate and concise press release that highlights a favorable verdict.

Newsworthy Verdicts

Results matter. Obtaining just results for clients is the goal that guides a trial lawyer’s work. When a jury hands down a favorable verdict, a golden opportunity for legal marketing could be missed if a press release is not issued.

As media organizations downsize the number of reporters covering the courthouse beat, fewer journalists are available to monitor trial proceedings, and reporters assigned to courthouse news may be covering two or three courthouses at once, making it more likely that newsworthy items will be overlooked.

Verdict press releases provide several legal marketing advantages:

  • They highlight a lawyer’s ability.
  • They serve as a referral reminder to outside attorneys.
  • They promote the attorney’s work within his or her practice area.
  • They may be used as law firm Web content.
  • When optimized for search engines, they enhance online visibility.

At Legal Media Matters, we have the journalism and public relations experience needed to determine which jury verdicts are most likely to generate headlines.

That same legal PR expertise is important when it comes to drafting a verdict press release. We know which information a reporter will need to prepare a story. We also understand the tight deadlines most journalists face, so we work hard to ensure that all supporting legal documents will be easily accessible if a reporter requests them.

As part of Legal Media Matters’ legal public relations work, we identify the media outlets that are most likely to carry the news, then oversee the submission process and track the results.

Media Coverage

At Legal Media Matters, our know-how gets you noticed. Lawyers and law firms that have retained Legal Media Matters for their law firm marketing needs have had their cases covered by such media outlets as The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Miami Herald, The Seattle Times, the Pensacola News Journal, The National Law Journal, The Kansas City Star, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Des Moines Register, the Associated Press, Bloomberg News, Missouri Lawyers Weekly, the St. Louis Business Journal, IP Law 360 and KMOX (1120 AM).

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