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Trial Reports as Legal PR

legal-decisions-newsBoost your legal marketing through verdict and settlement reports

When it comes to identifying a target legal marketing audience, colleagues are an important segment to remember. One of the best ways to reach them is through verdict and settlement reports.

According to the 2009 Missouri Bar Economic Survey, lawyers in private practice reported that referrals from other lawyers and the positive reputation of the lawyer in the law firm are major sources of business. Not only have referrals from other attorneys been consistently ranked as primary sources of new business year after year by those participating in the Missouri Bar’s survey, but they also far outstripped the Internet, websites and conventional advertising as a source of new business.

A great result is a win for the client and an achievement for the lawyer. It is also the best form of legal marketing a lawyer could ever want. To get the most from a favorable verdict or settlement, incorporate legal trade publications and verdict-reporting services into your legal marketing PR strategy.

Memorable Legal Marketing

Savvy attorneys know that publicizing a verdict or settlement report in a legal trade publication or verdict-reporting service is much more than the legal PR equivalent of dancing in the end zone after a touchdown.

Attorneys who consistently submit summaries of their verdicts and settlements for publication —even when the dollar amount is confidential—understand a fundamental principle: The more often colleagues come across your name, the more likely it is that they will remember your firm when they have a case they need to refer out.

Also, because the verdict and settlement report highlights a recent success, it enhances the firm’s positive reputation within the legal community.

Publicizing results through verdict and settlement reports holds several benefits:

  • It reinforces the firm’s positive reputation.
  • It serves as a referral reminder.
  • It highlights the attorney’s work in a given area of practice.
  • It provides additional law firm website content.

Trial Report Legal Marketing Simplified

Time is often one of the biggest hurdles lawyers encounter when it comes to preparing and submitting trial reports. A case that has just been resolved has typically already consumed a large amount of the attorney’s time, and legal matters that were pushed to the side during preparations for a trial or negotiation of a resolution to the case now are in need of urgent attention. As a result, the trial report is neglected and eventually forgotten.

At Legal Media Matters, we can put our experience working for legal trade publications and preparing verdict and settlement reports for publication to work for you. All we need to prepare a publication-ready trial report are a few select pleadings and a 15-minute telephone interview.

Once the attorney has approved the verdict and settlement report, Legal Media Matters will submit the report for the client and track the submission to ensure publication. The trial report prepared by Legal Media Matters may also be used in whole or in part as law firm website content.

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