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Lawsuit Filing Press Release PR

court-news-lawsuitsPublic agencies and private law firms incorporate suit filing press releases into legal marketing and PR efforts

Lawsuit filings, indictments and grand jury investigations are media staples—and law firm marketing opportunities.

In the past, a reporter might have discovered a new suit worth writing about after sifting through the contents of a courthouse press box. As media organizations have thinned the ranks of reporters and courthouses across the country have moved to online filing, though, the practice is becoming far less common.

Now, many news organizations now find out about lawsuit filings through legal PR.

Public Agencies and Private Attorneys

Most U.S. Attorneys’ offices employ legal public relations specialists whose job it is to write and circulate press releases informing the public of the latest indictments that have been handed down. State attorneys general use legal PR to advise the public and the media about lawsuits filed on behalf of the state’s citizens. The Justice Department sends out legal press releases announcing charges and indictments.

Private attorneys also use legal PR to inform the public and the press about suit filings. For class action lawyers, legal news releases are an efficient way to inform potential members of a class action that a suit has been filed.  Securities class action attorneys must comply with the Private Securities Litigation and Reform Act, and a press release may be required by law. Plaintiff lawyers and consumer attorneys may send out legal press releases as a way to highlight allegedly dangerous products or allegedly fraudulent practices

Legal Press Release Advantages

There are many advantages to announcing a lawsuit filing with the use of a legal press release:

  • It may generate media coverage.
  • It is a means of highlighting an attorney’s expertise within a particular practice area.
  • It may attract new clients.
  • It may attract referrals from outside attorneys who do not practice in the area of the law that the suit addresses.
  • The legal press release may be used as law firm Web content.
  • A legal press release that has been optimized for search engines may improve a law firm’s search engine ranking.
  • Unlike many settlements, most suit filings are part of the public record and therefore do not raise confidentiality flags.

Legal Press Release Content

Mindful of ethics rules curbing pretrial publicity, most public agencies and private lawyers draft their news releases conservatively. At Legal Media Matters, we also recommend conservatively crafted legal press releases.

Not every case is newsworthy, however. As part of our initial legal PR consultation, we provide our honest opinion of whether a suit filing merits a press release. Relying on our journalism and public relations background, we provide an initial recommendation regarding the legal PR method that is best suited for the case in question.

If a lawsuit filing press release is warranted, Legal Media Matters uses the petition or complaint as the basis of the press release, condensing and summarizing it. A Legal Media Matters lawsuit filing press release also includes such essential information for reporters as the filing date, the court in which the pleading was filed, the cause number and the style of the case. Finally, we include a brief statement from the attorney filing the case, plus the attorney’s contact information.

Once a legal press release has been drafted, we supply a list of recommended media outlets to the client. The list is carefully researched to maximize publicity opportunities. We then oversee the submission process, track submission results and report back to the client on our legal public relations efforts.

At Legal Media Matters, our know-how gets you noticed. Our lawsuit filing press release PR campaigns have resulted in media placements around the country and beyond, generated Web site traffic and improved search engine results.

At Legal Media Matters, we handle law firm marketing for lawyers nationwide. For more information about Legal Media Matters or to learn whether we can help you with your legal PR needs, please  fill out our online contact form, e-mail Geri L. Dreiling, Esq., at or call 314-520-3897.