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Legal Marketing: Take a Referral Source to Lunch

It is important to promote one’s practice to referral sources — trusted advisors whose recommendation carries great weight when it comes to the selection of an attorney or mediator. Meet for coffee or lunch as a way to introduce yourself, learn about a professional’s business and describe your practice.

Legal Press Release Writing Tips

Attorneys typically don’t imagine there will come a time when they must know how to write a press release for the media. Increasingly, though, lawyers are doing just that — yet few have access to the built-in public relations or legal marketing departments that are routine in most large law firms. In this blog entry I’ll discuss some of the basic elements of a press release that deserve particular attention during the drafting process.

A Reader Asks: How Do You Find the Best Legal Keywords to Attract CEOs and CFOs?

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I invited my Twitter followers to pose a question that I would take up on this blog. One lawyer sent a direct message wanting to know the best keywords to attract chief executive officers and chief financial officers who want to learn more about what their in-house lawyers can do for them.