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Legal Content: What Impact Does a PDF Document Have on Search Engine Optimization?

After preparing and sending out a legal press release for a law firm client, the law firm client wanted to know how to present the information on the firm’s website. Should it be uploaded as a PDF document, which would provide a great visual impact because of the letterhead, or would it be better to take the information and post it directly as a blog entry?

Press Releases Can Plant the Seeds of Promotion

When a lawyer first approaches me about using public relations to promote a legal practice, quite often the name of a competitor who is often quoted in the media comes up. Inevitably I’m asked, “Why is he always the expert? And how can I get that role … by tomorrow?” But the quest to become the go-to lawyer for reporters and journalists takes more than just one phone call or a single outreach effort by a legal PR professional.

Legal PR: New Hire Announcements

For most law firms, hiring a new attorney is a significant development. It is a sizable investment that sends a positive message about your firm’s growth and ability to serve your client base. If you are considering announcing a new hire, be sure your press release submission meets these four criteria.

Press Release Writing Tips Part II

A few weeks ago I highlighted some of the basic elements lawyers should include in a press release. One of the items not on the list but that I briefly mentioned was the recommendation to keep the release to about 400 words. A few of my readers e-mailed and asked why. In this blog entry, I’ll cover three reasons behind my 400-word suggestion.

Legal Marketing: Take a Referral Source to Lunch

It is important to promote one’s practice to referral sources — trusted advisors whose recommendation carries great weight when it comes to the selection of an attorney or mediator. Meet for coffee or lunch as a way to introduce yourself, learn about a professional’s business and describe your practice.

Legal Press Release Writing Tips

Attorneys typically don’t imagine there will come a time when they must know how to write a press release for the media. Increasingly, though, lawyers are doing just that — yet few have access to the built-in public relations or legal marketing departments that are routine in most large law firms. In this blog entry I’ll discuss some of the basic elements of a press release that deserve particular attention during the drafting process.