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Creating a personal brand through social media

Social media has rapidly expanded the opportunities for lawyers and consultants to market themselves through the creation of a personal brand and an expanded online network. Clients, contractors and employers are using social media profiles to research experts, lawyers and consultants before hiring them. Even law firms and employers are starting to recognize that employees with a strong online presence provide a unique marketing value.

Twitter tips for business

Twitter Tips for Businesses: 4 Quick-Start Twitter Tips

If search engine rankings are important to your business or law firm, don’t dismiss Twitter. Google and Bing recently revealed that links shared through Facebook and Twitter have a direct impact on search engine rankings. Here are four tips to help you quick start your tweets.

Legal Blogs: Speaking Engagements as Blawg Fodder

Make the most of your public speaking engagements by using the information you present as blog content. Build your blog post around one section of your outline, convert a PowerPoint presentation into a YouTube video or address audience questions in a blog post.