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Information for Lawyers, Ideas for Journalists: Week of May 28

Here’s our weekly roundup of PR client news, along with links to stories on a variety of topics, including writing for the Internet, social media tips, legal PR insights, practice management and new legal decisions and trends.

Win-Win: Help the Community and Promote Your Practice

The notion of helping others is what attracts many to law school, and that desire to give back to the community continues even after graduation. Although the primary purpose of these gestures is to help others, community outreach is one of the most positive ways to raise the profile of your law firm in the community and educate the public about your practice.

Legal Public Relations: 5 Ways to Build and Maintain a Media Relationship

Perhaps one of the most envied gigs among lawyers is that of legal commentator. But moving from the wish to be viewed as a legal expert to actually getting quoted in the media is difficult. Here are five tips for building and maintaining a relationship with members of the media.

Law Firm Marketing: To Draw Clients In, Reach Out

“If you build it, clients will come,” is often the marketing philosophy lawyers adopt when they discuss law firm websites or legal blogs. But once you build an online presence, you still need to reach out to prospective clients. Here are three free ways in which you can extend a virtual hand and invite people into your space.

Legal Marketing: 4 Photo Shoot Tips

When it comes to legal marketing, don’t cut corners on photography. Your image is an integral part of your brand, and a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. The images on a page capture a reader’s attention first, whether the page is on the Internet, in a print medium or part of a law firm newsletter.