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Legal Blogs: Speaking Engagements as Blawg Fodder

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Presentations as blog contentYour public speaking engagements and presentations are a blog content goldmine

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

One recent morning I met two lawyers for coffee. They had established an innovative law firm that embraced Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging. The struggle, they had found, was keeping up with their legal social media marketing efforts – especially the blog.

It wasn’t that they lacked ideas; they had a host of topic ideas. The real issue? Time. As their business expanded and demand for their services increased over the summer months, the blog stalled.

At the same time, the lawyers had been guest speakers for a number of business, creative and social networking groups. Additional speaking engagements had already been scheduled well into the fall.

In addition to urging them to scale back on the length and breadth of the blog entries — aiming for tightly focused 500-word pieces rather than wide-ranging entries of several thousand words — I suggested using their public speaking engagements as blogging fodder.

Here are just a few ways make the most of your speaking engagements when it comes to legal marketing and social media outreach.

1. Use a section of your outline to write a short blog entry.

Accustomed to extemporaneous speaking, most lawyers rely on outlines or note cards for speaking engagements. Even though the presentation may not be in paragraph form, the basic structure is already present.

Focus on one idea, one section or even one subsection of the topic. Sit down at your desk and set aside 30 minutes to expand on, in written form, the subject you’ve already been discussing with your audience. You can even begin with a vignette drawn from your presentation – perhaps someone in the audience related a story on this very topic.

Because it is a topic you already know, and because you’re beginning with a narrow focus, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can fill up the screen with 500 words. Set the entry aside and edit it the next day.

2. If you have a PowerPoint presentation, turn it into a YouTube video.

Another option, though it takes slightly longer, involves PowerPoint. If you use PowerPoint as part of your speaking engagement, you can turn your presentations into YouTube videos similar to the one we produced.

3. Address audience questions and use the occasion to increase traffic.

Audience questions are another legal blog content mother lode. Each question can form the basis of a blog entry. Unanswered questions can be taken up on the blog and audience members encouraged to e-mail questions.

The process serves two purposes. First, it enables you to prepare a blog entry. Second, attendees will be more likely to visit your blog, thus boosting your site’s traffic.

These are just a few ways to use speaking engagements as blog content fodder. What are your favorite ways to turn a guest-speaking gig into content?

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