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Law Firm Logos: The Image Sends the Message

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Law Firm LogosStrong legal marketing and branding begins with the logo

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

In legal marketing and efforts to brand your law firm, the logo is the linchpin. The law firm logo – its color, shape and style, combined with the ideas of the best fonts for law firm logos — is the base on which every other piece of legal marketing should be built. It influences the design, look and feel of the firm’s stationery, business cards, website, blog, newsletters and brochures.

Consider some of the law firms you deal with on a regular basis. When you receive an envelope or fax, do you instantly recognize the sender with just a glance at the logo before ever reading a word on the page?

For this week’s article I’ve asked Enrique Serrano, Legal Media Matters’ logo designer and programmer, to share his insights on why a strong logo design is important and how to go about obtaining one that fits your firm. Serrano has helped businesses and firms worldwide develop unique logos as part of their overall branding strategies.

Here are Serrano’s four reasons for beginning your legal marketing efforts with a law firm logo design and four ways to come up a great design.

Why should your legal marketing efforts start with a logo?

1. It distinguishes you at a glance.

The legal marketplace is highly competitive. A logo is one visual shortcut on which people rely when trying to decide who is trustworthy. A good law firm logo conveys trust, expertise and excellence and reinforces the notion that your firm is the one needed to handle a legal matter.

2. It helps you be remembered.

Lawyers strive to communicate useful ideas and provide the best counsel and representation to their clients. You want the client to remember the law firm that the attorney is working for. A memorable law firm logo is a reminder of the lawyer’s connection to the firm.

3. It sends a message about your company.

A good law firm logo combines symbolism and psychology in a way that quickly telegraphs a message about your firm’s services. When a potential client sees it, you hope that it conveys your values and the reasons that your firm is the best choice for representation.

4. It defines your communication strategy.

The power of a cohesive and coherent communication strategy cannot be overlooked. It brands your firm as reliable.  Once you have a law firm logo that summarizes important information about your firm, incorporate it in all of your other marketing pieces. In so doing, you’ll build a memorable corporate identity and reassure your clients that the same consistent quality and effort goes into everything you do.

How do you achieve those legal marketing objectives?

1. Distinguish yourself with a unique law firm logo.

Your company is unique, and your logo should be unique, too. Avoid confusing images, recycled graphics and obvious approaches. A brand-new law firm logo, tailored to your specific needs, will set you apart from your competition.

2. Get a memorable law firm logo, one that’s clean and simple.

Your logo is more than an illustration; it‘s an easy-to-remember design that embodies a specific concept. It should be simple and clean, reduced to just the most necessary elements. Include your company name in an easy-to-read way as part of the design.

3. Use colors and shapes in your law firm logo to convey something meaningful.

A logo is more than just an appealing image. Through the use of carefully selected colors and shapes, a law firm logo conveys your values in subtle ways.

4. Follow a branding strategy inspired by your logo.

Your law firm logo should be a powerful source of inspiration for your legal marketing efforts. You need to use that image in your different communication elements, such as your business cards, stationery and website. Include the ideas, colors and symbols of your logo as part of your communication.

Does your law firm have a logo? If so, do you incorporate it into all of your legal marketing efforts?

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