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Information for Lawyers, Ideas for Journalists: Week of Sept. 24

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Up & Coming LawyersOur roundup of legal news links, legal PR client news and story ideas

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

This week, 48 Up & Coming lawyers gathered at the St. Louis Rams club for a reception held in their honor by Missouri Lawyers Weekly.

The Up & Coming awards recognize attorneys who have distinguished themselves in their legal practices, given back to the community through charitable contributions or obtained impressive results on behalf of their clients.

Congratulations to all of the honorees, and a special huzzah to Anne Brockland, Alicia Campbell, Timothy Grochinski, Andrea McNairy, Jeff Roseman and J. Brad Wilmoth.

Notable Links

Large Firms: Take Next Social Media Step

For many law firms, the idea of individual lawyers interacting on social media sites triggers worry and dread. However, Nicole Black at Sui Generis sets forth a step-by-step outline explaining how risk-averse law firms can test the social media waters with a handful of lawyers. She also provides a social media interaction formula that can help lawyers navigate the various social media streams.

SEO Copywriting: The Five Essential Elements to Focus On

Copyblogger’s Brian Clark sets out five strategic elements to focus on when writing search engine optimized content. The blog post explains in plain language the importance of the title; meta description; unique, frequently updated and tightly focused content; keyword frequency; and page links.

Time Management, Creative Productivity and Multitasking

Every lawyer I know is stretched thin and being tugged in several different directions at once. Multiple court appearances in various courthouses scheduled at the same time, competing case files requiring simultaneous attention and clients with questions are just a few of the challenges attorneys encounter daily. Writer and illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi shares some great nuggets about multitasking and time management on the MiG Writers site. Though not geared specifically to lawyers, legal professionals will find her tips useful.

Ideas for Journalists

Dining room table at Papa's law firm

Law Firms That Dare to Be Different

Bound by precedent and steeped in tradition, the legal profession takes its time when trying anything new. For many firms, the conservative pace even extends to changing the physical space and layout. In most traditional firms, each lawyer has his or her own office with a window view, the more senior partners receive the corner offices, support staff members are located in windowless cubicles in the office interior and conference rooms often boast impressive views.

But what about the firms that dare to be different?

For example, Marta J. Papa’s practice is located in a converted home. Mediation clients literally sit down at the dining room table over coffee and work out their differences. At The BrickHouse Law Group, partners Geoff Gerber and Pete Salsich share one large office with a conference room table between their desks, reinforcing their collaborative approach to problem-solving.

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