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Evidence tracking system eTWIST highlighted on

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legal-PR-press-releaseeTWIST, a high-tech evidence tracking system offered by St. Louis-based Primary Marking, was recently featured in’s Property Room.

With eTWIST, police officers can record and enter evidence data information at the crime scene.  Primary Marking estimates that law enforcement agencies using eTWIST can save up to 50 man-hours each week.

Several agencies have already ordered or purchased eTWIST including the Maplewood Police Department, serving a suburb of St. Louis, and law enforcement agencies in Cold Spring, KY and Alexandria, KY.

eTWIST features Windows Mobile 5.0/6.1-based software that can be integrated with a Motorola mobile computing device. Using the system, officers can record evidence at the crime scene and generate RFID or bar code labels via a Zebra GX420t or RFID Printer. The information, including the case number, time, date and the officer’s department service number, uploads to a database. The labels or RFID help make tracking and protecting the evidence’s chain of custody easier.

eTWIST may be used by any law enforcement, military or private enterprise market that tracks chain of custody. State and local law enforcement agencies may be able to apply for federal funding through the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program to assist with purchasing technology.

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