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Creating a personal brand through social media

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An online presence can expand your network

By Geri L. Dreiling

Social media has rapidly expanded the opportunities for lawyers and consultants to market themselves through the creation of a personal brand and an expanded online network. Clients, contractors and employers are using social media profiles to research experts, lawyers and consultants before hiring them. Even law firms and employers are starting to recognize that employees with a strong online presence provide a unique marketing value.

In an Oct. 29 article titled “Your Employee Is an Online Celebrity. Now What Do You Do?”, The Wall Street Journal notes:
social media

When a management consultant leads a large LinkedIn group, he builds a valuable source of referrals and recruitment prospects; when a lawyer tweets the latest legal news, she positions her firm as the go-to experts in that field.

Of course, creating that social media presence requires considerable time and effort.

I recently spoke to the Institute of Management Consultants, St. Louis Chapter about social media. I discussed how to establish a personal brand, and how to create an online network. The presentation included information on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

If you’re still trying to get the hang of social media, this introductory overview will help: