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social media

Creating a personal brand through social media

Social media has rapidly expanded the opportunities for lawyers and consultants to market themselves through the creation of a personal brand and an expanded online network. Clients, contractors and employers are using social media profiles to research experts, lawyers and consultants before hiring them. Even law firms and employers are starting to recognize that employees with a strong online presence provide a unique marketing value.

Lawyers and social media marketing

Legal News Digest: Health Care Overhaul; Android Apps for Lawyers; Yellow Pages Debate

This week, the Supreme Court’s historic hearing on the Affordable Care Act dominated the news. The continuing controversy over the death of Trayvon Martin cast a media spotlight on the lawyers involved in the matter. In marketing news, does advertising in the Yellow Pages makes sense? For Android lawyers, apps to make your practice more productive.

Scholar for Legal Research

Legal News Digest: Generic Drug Suits; Google Scholar; Social Media vs Law

Noteworthy stories on law, tech and marketing that you might have missed this week include articles on the hurdles facing generic drug lawsuits, Google Scholar’s recent improvements to legal research, clashes between lawyers and social media managers, how Google Plus is changing search engine results and more.

Missouri dram shop law

Intoxication does not need to be observed for dram shop liability

No one at a bar needs to actually observe a patron’s intoxication in order for the bar to be held liable under Missouri’s dram shop law for the deaths of two people killed by a drunken driver, the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District has ruled.

Sex Harassment Workplace

Supervisor’s Sex Harassment of Women Workers Costs Missouri Employer

An employer’s reckless response to the sexual harassment complaints of two women who claimed their supervisor’s conduct created a hostile work environment merited a Jasper County jury’s actual damages, punitive damages, attorney’s fees and costs award against the owner.