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Legal Content Writing for Blogs

legal-content-writer-blogA legal content writer can help your firm keep its blog current

A legal blog, or blawg, presents several marketing advantages for law firms: It is a way to communicate with and inform the public, a source of fresh content for search engines and a showcase for your firm’s legal expertise, and it can also boost your law firm’s search engine performance through the use of keywords and links.

But blawgs carry some disadvantages.

Even the best-intentioned law firm may have a hard time keeping up with demand for fresh content posed by a blog, and a blog that has been neglected for several months leaves the visitor with the impression of a floundering practice rather than a vibrant one.

To avoid conjuring up the image of cyber-tumbleweeds blowing through your blawg when visitors stop by, consider enlisting the help of a legal content writer.

Why use a legal content writer’s help with a law firm’s blog?

In the corporate world, it isn’t the CEO who keeps the company’s blog up to date; it’s the public relations and marketing department in charge of communications. For most firms, though, a legal PR and marketing department is a luxury. That’s why outsourcing to a legal PR and web content writing firm makes sense.

Because our legal content writer is also an attorney, concerns about inaccurate information are diminished. And because our clients review all blog content before it is posted – similar to the exercise most partners go through when reviewing briefs or articles written by associates or law clerks – you retain control over your content before it is posted.

How can a legal content writer help keep a legal blog current?

A legal content writer can fill a variety of roles when it comes to maintaining your law firm’s blog:

  • Temporary assistance – When a lawyer is preparing for trial or trying case, time is limited. A  Legal Media Matters legal content writer can prepare blog entries, before your trial begins, that you can review, approve and then schedule for publication even while you are in court.
  • Monitoring and research – If finding material to blog about is the roadblock to regular updates, Legal Media Matters can monitor new developments within your practice area and provide ideas for blog posts.
  • Short-term content writing project – When a law firm launches a legal marketing campaign aimed at a niche client group, such as consumers affected by a product recall or high-income clients with questions about a change in tax laws, Legal Media Matters can supply legal content that complements the outreach effort.

Contact LMM about your blog’s legal content writing needs.

To find out more about our legal content writing services for blogs, contact Legal Media Matters by filling out our online contact form or calling 314.520.3897. We’re always happy to answer your questions, give you information about our services and provide a flat-fee quote for your legal content writing project.

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