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Legal Content Keyword Research

legal-content-keywordsTo attract new clients, choose good keywords for your legal website

Understanding which legal keywords and keyword phrases are best suited to your law firm’s website is an essential part of our legal content writing process.

At Legal Media Matters, we are dedicated to using our know-how to get you noticed. We feel so strongly about the importance of taking the time to examine keyword phrases that apply to your practice area that our web page writing clients receive a detailed analysis and report free of charge.

Even lawyers who prefer to write their own legal content hire Legal Media Matters for keyword research as an indispensable part of their web page writing process.

Legal Content Keyword Research

Our legal keyword research and analysis reports take into account your practice areas, as well as the jurisdictions in which you practice. The reports cover:

  • Main keyword phrases: These are the phrases that should be most heavily emphasized in the legal content writing for a law firm’s practice page. The main keyword phrase might be emphasized anywhere from four to 10 times in a 500-word text.
  • Main supporting keyword phrases: These are words that also receive some search queries. Using them in your legal content writing can help improve readability and present more search engine opportunities.
  • Long-tail keyword phrases: Comprising three or more keywords, long-tail keywords attract searches that may be less frequent but still provide good search engine opportunities. And because the people using a long-tail keyword phrase know what they’re looking for, they are more likely to become clients.
  • Frequently searched legal questions: The ability to quickly find answers to questions has made the Internet a valuable tool in most people’s lives, so it is no surprise that people with legal problems also turn to the Internet in search of information. A page that answers frequently asked questions may present a search engine opportunity for your law firm.
  • Geographic modifiers: A law firm often limits its legal services to certain geographic areas that relate to the jurisdiction in which an attorney is licensed. Attorneys may also limit their practices to certain cities or regions within a state. Prospective clients may limit their searches to nearby attorneys. Our research identifies some of the most commonly searched geographic modifiers as they relate to your practice.

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