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How to Choose a Legal Content Writer

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A law firm’s website is one of its most important legal marketing tools. Before hiring a legal content writer, answer these 3 questions to ensure that you receive high-quality content.

Choose the legal content writer for your law firm’s website carefully. Your website is one of the most significant legal marketing investments your firm will make. Before picking up the phone to speak to you and before walking through your door and sitting down in your well-appointed lobby, a potential client will likely visit your website.

What first impression will your website make? Does it feature hastily written text peppered with legal jargon? Is it vague, offering little in the way of information and answers? Does your website content include grammatical errors?

At Legal Media Matters, we understand the importance of writing polished, professional, unique content that showcases your legal expertise. We also know that writing search engine optimized text is essential for your legal marketing strategy. If your legal content is not presented in a way that search engines index, potential clients may not reach your law firm: websites have become such important.

When considering how to choose legal content writers, answer these 3 questions:

1. Will the legal content writer supply clear text that accurately explains the law that governs your practice area?

When law firms hire Legal Media Matters for legal content writing, they do so knowing that copy will be prepared by someone whose legal career has included a variety of complex cases and who, as a journalist, has spent years taking complicated topics and translating them into accessible language for a wide audience drawn from both inside and outside the legal profession.

2. Will the legal content writer understand your practice and research keywords that deliver organic search engine results?

Even the best-written legal content will be ineffective if potential clients can’t find it. At Legal Media Matters, we complement our legal content writing with in-depth keyword research of not only your practice area but also your geographic area. Our Web programmer tracks actual Internet searches, as well as frequently asked questions to choose the keywords that have the best chances of delivering organic search engine results.

3. Does the legal content receive a thorough copyedit to ensure right grammar, punctuation and word usage?

Legal Media Matters brings together publishing and print media veterans, as well as professionals with legal and programming backgrounds. Every web page written for our clients receives a fresh copyedit in which it is evaluated for grammar, punctuation, word usage and readability.

Though not every prospective client will be an English teacher or exhibit William Safire‘s passion for all things grammar, you’ll know that the text contents you’ve chosen to represent your law firm meet our high standards. In our legal texts, grammar, punctuation and word usage will pass muster with even the most exacting English teacher.

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