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Attorney Website Content Writing

attorney-website-contentOur specialized know-how is a natural fit for your legal content writing needs

When it comes to attorney websites, content is important—and fresh content is key. Offering a combination of legal and journalism expertise, Legal Media Matters is often the firm attorneys hire when they need a legal content writer.

Why hire LMM for legal website content writing?

Legal Media Matters is a natural fit when it comes to supplying your law firm with web content, and we work hard to provide content that potential clients will find informative.

As a lawyer, Legal Media Matters president Geri L. Dreiling understands the legal concepts attorneys want to communicate to prospective clients. As a journalist, she knows how to frame the legal concepts so that the information is accessible to a general audience.

At Legal Media Matters, we also understand that the content we provide will be used by Internet search engines to generate hits. The use of keywords—often a combination of two or three words that help people find your firm—plays an important role in the creation of effective web content. We can research the best combination of keywords for your practice area to maximize your search engine results. We can also incorporate the keywords you have already selected into your website’s content.

In addition to legal content writing, Legal Media Matters also helps lawyers with their blogs. Whether it is researching potential blog topics, preparing a rough draft or simply editing your content, Legal Media Matters can help you stay on track with your blawg.

Legal PR as Attorney Website Content Writing

Internet search engines favor websites that add fresh content on a regular basis. At Legal Media Matters, we encourage our clients to view our legal public relations efforts not only as a way to promote their law firms but also as a source of fresh content.

Many legal PR items that we generate for clients on a regular basis can also be leveraged as law firm website content:

  • Lawsuit filing press releases
  • Verdict press releases
  • Verdict and settlement reports
  • Law firm announcement press releases
  • Public alert and public comment press releases
  • Guest articles
  • Story pitches

We work hard to craft reader-friendly legal public relations items. When you use our legal PR work as  law firm website content, our writers provide helpful keyword enhancements and any other adjustments the law firm wishes to make.

At Legal Media Matters, our know-how gets you noticed. We help the client integrate legal PR efforts with a standout Internet presence and effective Web legal content.

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At Legal Media Matters, we handle legal content writing for attorneys nationwide. For more information about Legal Media Matters or to learn whether our legal content writer can help you with your next project, please  fill out our online contact form, e-mail Geri L. Dreiling, Esq., at or call 314-520-3897.